02 - The Long Drive

Let's say you live in New York City. You are thinking about driving cross-country to Los Angeles. It's a long drive, and many things can happen while you're on it, but you have committed to taking this trip. You have everything packed up and all ready to go, so you hop into your car.

As you drive, you take in the new sights you had yet to see. You've driven many, many times before, but you never realized how truly remarkable it is to drive off the beaten path and explore new areas. Every new turn you take is full of new things to see, new hills to climb, new paths to roam. As you continue driving, you realize that you've been in the car for a good 8 hours, wondering what has happened up until that point. 

Well, you have seen countless trees of countless types, endless amounts of cars, bountiful clouds in the sky, and however many bugs that accidentally hit your windshield. Though, what did the other yous see?

An infinite amount of yous saw the very same thing. Yet an even larger amount of yous saw the slightest variation, where only one car didn't pass you by. An even larger amount of yous saw more drastic changes, like an entire portion of your road trip simply nonexisting. That one turn you took 3 hours ago? Nope, they didn't take that turn. That one stop you made for gas? Nope, they didn't make that stop. That lane switch you made at the last moment to get off when you needed to? Nope, they didn't make that lane switch. 

No, instead that one that didn't make that one turn you took made an entirely different turn. When your turn led you to a beautiful valley their turn took them to a desert. That one that didn't stop for gas got stranded on the middle of an ocean bridge. And that other one who didn't take the right exit got launched up into space with a gravity pad.

As you wonder about what happened on your trip thus far into it, recall that a neverending list of occurrences took place in other universes. An infinite amount of yous 3 hours ago in another universe actually ended up getting into a car accident. Yet, another infinite amount of yous 3 hours ago ended up getting a lottery load of money dropped into their car from the sky, seemingly from nowhere. Yet, the you 3 hours ago was simply looking in awe at the wonders around you.

Anything can really happen on the next road trip you take. As long as you are open to the journey as well as the destination, you cannot be in any more capable hands.