01 - Day-to-Day Life

Picture a Monday morning. Let's say you are in high school, freshman year.

First thing to do is to get up. You wake up with the alarm clock blaring on your nightstand. You realize you are 10 minutes late to the start of the day; you scavenge to get everything ready for the day. You wrestle on some clothes, you throw your covers onto your bed, you sneak a pop-tart from the cabinet, and you bustle out of the house. You hop in your parent's car and they drive you to school. You watch all the cars pass by, and once you get to school, you watch everyone drone into the building.

You work throughout the day; you evaluate math equations, you read Homer's Odyssey, you watch some chemical reactions. Nothing is out of the ordinary, and everything feels normal. You go home, you watch some random videos on YouTube, you devour a nice home-cooked meal, you work on some homework, and you go to bed. 

Nothing interesting happened throughout the day: it was a normal day in the life of a freshman student. You could have seen some odd things happen throughout the day, as you may occasionally see, but this wasn't one of those days. No, it was entirely uneventful.

Was it, though? 

Imagine another universe. Imagine one that is almost exactly like ours. One that is an entire copy of our universe. That you didn't have an uneventful day. That you did see something extraordinary. That you saw a tree uproot itself and walk down the school road. The tree didn't say anything to anyone, no. The tree didn't even stop for any cars in the way; cars had to drive around the tree. All that you did was stare in wonder. How the hell did a tree just get up and start walking away?! How does that make any sense?! That truly defies all our understanding on plants.

You didn't see anything interesting, yet that you is watching something that no one has ever seen, outside of movies. That you still came home and watched some YouTube, devoured a nice home-cooked meal, worked on some homework, and went to bed. Though, that you didn't watch just a random video on YouTube. That you scoured YouTube trying to find this new elusive tree man, mesmerized by what he saw earlier that day.

This is the power of the multiverse. You can see absolutely nothing throughout the day, though another you, one in the exact same universe, save the tree man, does see something throughout the day.

Do you fear missing out? After all, you will most probably never see that yourself. You may be doomed to obscurity of walking trees forever. Are you okay with that possibility?

Well, you should be! Just because that you got to see something truly extraordinary does not mean you don't see something extraordinary on a daily basis that that you will never see! Recall that the new universe you thought about was one that was almost exactly like ours. Well, that universe does not have visible stars from Earth, other than the Sun. You can look up any dark night and see a star, but that you will never have that wondrous feeling you get by just simply looking up!

Don't fear missing out, especially if you're jealous of someone else -- you just may see what they never will.

Thoughts? Want a new hypothetical? Post it down below in the comments and we'll explore!